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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why Peter Crouch Sent Abigail Clancy Packing

England star Peter Crouch has sent his girlfriend - model Abigail Clancy - back home from the World Cup, as allegations of her drug-taking surfaced.

Crouch learnt that old pictures of Abigail, apparently taking cocaine when she was a wannabe rock star, were being touted around, reports the Sunday Mirror. Apparently, he and his parents are already still in shock from seeing pictures of her frolicking topless on a bed with a pal!

The pictures were of Abigail allegedly taking cocaine wheh she was in some Liverpool band called 'Genie Queen', who were managed by 80s popstar Andy McClusky from OMD.
Peter suggested that she should fly back to Britain from the wives and girlfriends' base in Baden Baden, and Abigail left on Wednesday afternoon.

A friend of Abigail's said: "She was a teenager trying to make it in showbusiness when those pictures were taken. It's something she regrets. Now she just wants to be as supportive to Peter as possible

There you have it people we told you she was bad news and we have been proved right

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