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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Slapper/Wanabe Model Alert:Showsome class and pull your dress up
You heard it here first Petey long John Crouch has a girfriend.I must say the lad has outdone himself as asual as she is not a bad looker.

Peter met the 5ft 9ins aspiring 19 year old model in a Liverpool bar about six months ago. They have since been on a series of dates in her home city apparently.
A pal of Abigail said: “They immediately hit it off. Peter and Abi are the real thing(yeah Right).

Well i bet she said that, word of advice Petey Boy this chic would not have looked at you twice if youwerent a footballer.Get ridof her ASAP she's nothing but bad news.

i wouldnt mind her snorting coke in front of me so long as shewas bent over enough for me to stick my cock in her  

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