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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cocaine Clancy Gets Found Out By The News Of The World

Abigail Clancy, coke snorting girlfriend of Liverpool center forward Peter Crouch finally got found out by the News of the World for what she trully is, a coke snorting, two timing, wannabe model/footballer wive.


Footballer Wives Breaking News-Thiery Henry Plants The Vava-Voom On Nicole Merry

Since the final of the world cup happens to be today it's only right we pick a side and we are definately supporting les bleus.Come on the french stick two past Buffon.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Victoria Becham-The Head Of the Lolly-Pop Wags Out And About In London

Look up Victoria ...You know you want to
Am i the only one who thinks Mrs Becham needs some butt implants.

The Head in chief of the lollypop brigade that is the English wasgs finally returned to london last week as has resumed her normal duties of trying to look for a photoccall at every opportunity she gets.

Monday, July 03, 2006

French and Arsenal Star Forward Thierry henry And Wife Arriving At The French Training Camp

The pictures are of Arsenal player Thiery Henry,Wife Nicole and lovely baby Tea at the Alpine Resort of Tignes wer the french tteam was based just before the commencement of the World Cup.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alice Bregolia-Girlfriend Of Ac Milan Star Player alberto Gilardino

Alberto Gilardinoi and Fiance Alice Bregoli
From LtoR Francisca D'Auria,Alberto gilkardino and Alice Bregolia

Janelle Khouri -Girlfriend Of England International Player Owen Hargreaves

Janelle Khouri gets the title as the classiest England player girlfriend at the World as she was hardky ever seen partying and drinking with the other wags

Janelle happens to be a professional football player herself, and played for the the Canadian national under-20 team in 2000 and was captain of Calgary United’s under-19 team the year before.

So since quite a few wags get to read this cut the drinking and the smoking and show a bit more class like jannelle Khouri.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

jessica Luther-Girlfriend Of Ex Bayern Munich Miedfielder Mehmet Scholl

Ex German International player Mehmet Scholl And Girlfriend Jessica Luther

Michaela Henderson-Thynne-Girlfriend Of Middleborough Player Stewart Downing

Huba ....Huba........Huba
Just looking at this picture you know he wouldnt be able to get a female this hot if he wasn't a footballer but then again am sure we can say that for 95% of footballers.Sso there goes my arguement. Michaela Henderson-Thynne girlfriend of Englandan international Stewart downing lounging at the side of the pool at the England team hotel.

Why Peter Crouch Sent Abigail Clancy Packing

England star Peter Crouch has sent his girlfriend - model Abigail Clancy - back home from the World Cup, as allegations of her drug-taking surfaced.

Crouch learnt that old pictures of Abigail, apparently taking cocaine when she was a wannabe rock star, were being touted around, reports the Sunday Mirror. Apparently, he and his parents are already still in shock from seeing pictures of her frolicking topless on a bed with a pal!

The pictures were of Abigail allegedly taking cocaine wheh she was in some Liverpool band called 'Genie Queen', who were managed by 80s popstar Andy McClusky from OMD.
Peter suggested that she should fly back to Britain from the wives and girlfriends' base in Baden Baden, and Abigail left on Wednesday afternoon.

A friend of Abigail's said: "She was a teenager trying to make it in showbusiness when those pictures were taken. It's something she regrets. Now she just wants to be as supportive to Peter as possible

There you have it people we told you she was bad news and we have been proved right

Victoria Becham And Other Wags At The Paraguay Game

Victoria Becham has her only meal of the day Popcorn
Victoria Becham and girlfriend of Joe Cole CarleyZuker at the First game England played at Germany 2006 a gainst Paraguay.

Christian Wilhelmsson And Partner

Sweedish internationalPlayer Christian Wilhelmsson and his partner during the Golden Shoe gala night in 2005.

MATEJA Kezman Is Reminded Of The Good Ol Days When He Could Actually Score Goals

The picture is definately Mateja Kezman's PSV playing days beacuse right now he cant score a goal to save his life and had a shocking world cup together with that, at least he has the comfort of going home to his very beautiful wife after every shocking game he has.


Victoria leads the fellow lamwags to the slaughter house that is the Night clubs of Baden Baden Having cash doesnt really buy you class now does it .How the hell did she ever get that deal designing clothes for Republic.

Really doubt if your going to find the Wags partying at Gribaldi tonight, why you ask. Well Its official the boble head wags are coming back home a fter Englands loss to Portugal on Penalties earlier today.
And for cring out loud Victoria put some clothes on your meant to be a mother.Your shorts are tramp wear at best.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Slapper/Wanabe Model Alert:Showsome class and pull your dress up
You heard it here first Petey long John Crouch has a girfriend.I must say the lad has outdone himself as asual as she is not a bad looker.

Peter met the 5ft 9ins aspiring 19 year old model in a Liverpool bar about six months ago. They have since been on a series of dates in her home city apparently.
A pal of Abigail said: “They immediately hit it off. Peter and Abi are the real thing(yeah Right).

Well i bet she said that, word of advice Petey Boy this chic would not have looked at you twice if youwerent a footballer.Get ridof her ASAP she's nothing but bad news.


Ona scale of 1-10 she has to be a 100

This is the swedish modelwife Of Ex- celtic Coventry and Celtic goalkeeper Magnus Hedman.Havent heard to much of Magnus in the last year but then again who would.Why would you feel the need to go out when you have swedish stunner Magdelana Graf waiting for you at home.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Arsenal Striker Titi And Wife Nicole

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have always liked this guys.They could appear really glam if they want to but always manage to keep it all in perspective unlike a few people i could mention.The pictures dont do them justice though as they kinda look like to really grumpy elderly couples

Event:This is a picture  of Titi and his lovely wife Nicole at Roland Garos(The French Open)

Manchester United Stalwart And His Partner Leane

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Manchester United  Ace Wes Brown  obviously has a thing for Red heads.Picture shows him and his Girlfriend Leane

Anine Bing-Wife Of Swedish International Player Anders Svensson

Danish Girlfriend of Elfsborg's star player Anders Svensson

This chic would apparently do anything for publicity and would not ahve aproblem taking her top off for playboy (Like were complaining)so she's not exactly a classy scandinavian.She was romantically 'linked' to Jim Carrey in the past and a poster advertising Ellesse sportswear featuring her writhing with a man on a rain-soaked tennis court was deemed 'inappropriate' by Birmingham City Council and banned after it allegedly caused several traffic accidents(Who would blame them).

Barceleno Playmaker Deco And His Brazillian Born Wife Jaciara

Deco And Brazillian Wife Jaciara taking wedding after photos for the portugese equivalent of Hello Magazine

This are after wedding pictures of Portugese Playmaker Deco and his Brazillian wife Jaciara Amanda at the Coast of the Sauípe.I can imagine deco thought process at the time was along the lines of yelling to the priest get on with it already, if you delay any longer she might change her mind.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Radka Kocurova-The Other Half Of Arsenal's New Attacking Midfielder Thomas Rosicky

I really need to think seriously about picking up a sport if this are the perks of the job.The Arsenal Star Thomas Rosicky is currently dating former Miss Czech Republic Radka Kocurova and like other east European football wives she doesnt fail to dissapoint.A definate candidate to be cannon fodder for the The Sun when she arrives in the UK.

Ex Liverpool Player Steve Steve Mcmanaman And Wife Victoria Edwards

Real Madrid’s British soccer player Steve McManaman laughs next to his wife Victoria Edwards as they leave Mallorca’s cathedral after their wedding on Saturdaythe 6tg of July 2002. Ex liverpool and Real Madrid star Steve Mcmanaman and wife Victoria Edwards.

Liverpool Player Dietmar Hamann And His Austrian Wife Tina

Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann and his Austrian wife Tina.Nice to see a couple thata have been together for quite a while without the tabloids making thier life a leaving hell.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The American Kristen Pazik is apparently one of the major reason Andrei Shevchenko is joining the blues this season after becoming exremely close to the wife of Roman Abramovich.Shevchenko says she insists on thier son Jordan being brought in the Uk to ensure he learns English perfectly.
Sheva says in an interview with the Gazetta sport'"My wife has nothing to do with this," said the striker. "We decided together for the best interests of our family.
"I don't speak English, my wife does not speak Ukrainian - the only language we have in common at the moment is Italian.
"The only way to be able to teach our children our love that we have for them is the English language."
Shevchenko and Kristen pazik wedding pictures in july 2004.
Sheva and kristen pazik on one of the most successful Italian GQ shoots ever.

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